Open Goodness – Why I’m behind WeTogethr

Hello! My name is Theo Chung and I’m the Head of Development at GradTouch, a startup based in Manchester. Recently, I’ve also been planning and building the website for WeTogethr.

My current commute to work is a mile or so walk through Manchester and over the past year or so I’ve really started to notice that although the city seems to be booming, there are many in society who aren’t feeling this effect. I’ve always donated money to people and causes that need it on an ad-hoc basis but in the past I’ve been left feeling frustrated in not knowing exactly what impact my direct contributions have had.

When Zac approached me with the idea of WeTogethr I really felt like I could get behind something I believe would change society positively and bring good things to people who struggle on a daily basis.

The basic premise of WeTogethr is to use the money we generate through memberships fees to buy things that will improve the quality of people’s lives. This could be specially designed wheelchairs through to a piece of kit called an Eye Gaze which is similar to the device that Stephen Hawking uses to communicate.

One of our core values at WeTogethr is complete transparency. Call it an open source organisation if you will. Everything we collect and everything we spend is open to the public on BareMetrics. To start with at least 75% of our funds will be going directly towards helping others. As we grow we will be looking to reduce our running costs and aim to increase this number to 90%.

Being from a technical background and having a passion for Technology, I really understand the benefits of being open to society. Many open source technologies have been the foundation for massive platforms we use on a daily basis.

We want to be open because too many businesses, charities and even Governments like building an information wall preventing access to key stats. Only with continual full transparency can you have trust, honesty and truly do something to have a large positive impact on society.

If you are passionate about doing good and want to support those in need, please sign up here and join our community.

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