We’re funding our first cause!

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce that we have found our first cause to fund!

Earlier this week I contacted Becca, after finding her blog online. Becca is a mum to 4 amazing children, 2 of which have special needs.

Now I won’t ramble on about how tough it must be for Becca as I can’t even comprehend the daily struggles she and her husband face. Instead, I want to focus on Reggie, Becca’s 5 year old son who has autism. Becca recently blogged about Reggie and I want to share with you an extract from that blog.

“Recently his self harm has increased and I learnt if he is anxious about something he nibbles at a spot on his wrist, he will do this either until it turns red or until it is bleeding, in fact sometimes I swear he bites it right off! When he is angry, frustrated or confused Reggie will bash his head. Slight annoyance equals him slapping his head, major annoyance means slamming his head on surfaces…

…I’m still learning the way he takes everything so literal. This morning I was asking him to sit still in the car so I could buckle him up. I did the buckle and got in my seat but then all hell broke out. He thought I hadn’t buckled him in and after calming him down I realised he thought the buckle would somehow attach itself to him.  Although we do this process daily a slight change of wording (I never normally say buckle) made him freak out.”

Now, the thing that would really help Reggie is a sensory room at home. This simply is a place in his house where he can go to be comforted and relaxed by lights and sounds. Before speaking to Becca, I was completely ignorant to Autism and equipment that is out there to help. But, by creating a safe space so to speak within their home, Reggie will have somewhere to go to calm down and this will stop him from hurting himself.

To make this sensory room a reality, Lizzie and I have set aside £750 of our own cash which should be enough to buy some of the key items. Obviously, we’d love to help as much as possible which is where I turn to you, the reader!

Lizzie and I are hoping that by putting our hands in our pockets we will show our friends, family and the wider community our belief in WeTogethr.

So, if you haven’t already signed up, then click here and sign up now!

Thanks again,


P.S. We will keep you posted on our progress with helping Becca and Reggie as things develop!

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