Why I’m supporting WeTogethr

Hi everyone, I’m Lizzie, I’ve been working in finance since I graduated from University almost 6 years ago. In recent months I’ve been dedicating my evenings and weekends to a very exciting project with Zac and Theo, WeTogethr.

As an individual, I donate to charity in two ways:

  1. Sponsoring close friends and colleagues who are completing a challenge for charity;
  2. Donating my time by volunteering at charity events, mainly for The Christie Hospital in recent years but in my school years I spent summer holidays and free lessons at school volunteering with disabled children, which I absolutely loved;

LizzieI get very emotional when I see people I wish I could help and often find myself having a good cry when I see an appeal video on social media. Despite feeling this way, I have never actually signed up to a monthly charity direct debit. I’ve often thought about it when talking to the charity representatives on Market Street in Manchester, but why have I never committed? I will sign up to a gym membership for example with much less thought, despite this costing more.

I guess my nervousness with giving to charity month on month is the fact that I don’t truly know what will happen to my money. I need a close connection to feel comfortable with donating.

When Zac proposed the idea of WeTogethr to me, my excitement was definitely around the numbers. Being completely transparent about where money is going with the live dashboard would definitely give me the confidence to sign up, and if I would sign up, then I was sure many more would too. Regular articles and videos from those receiving help would keep me and hopefully others engaged too, and with the power of social media, I believe this could grow and grow. With this growth comes more positive change, making more people’s lives better.

Please join me at this early stage in the story that is WeTogether, and sign up! Together we can change lives for the better, and with everything disclosed to you, there really is no catch!

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