Cause #2 – Louie

Over the last couple of months we’ve been speaking with Teresa, Louie’s mum.

Louie is on the Autism Spectrum, suffers from a sensory processing disorder and a chromosome disorder. He is non verbal and has very little communication skills.

Looking after Louie is a full time job for Teresa and each day throws up new challenges. He needs to be constantly monitored and is prone to lashing out and biting those around him.

For myself, Theo and Lizzie, it was pretty clear cut that if we could, we wanted to help Louie and Teresa.

At the beginning of September we reached out to Learning Space UK who are expert providers of sensory equipment, (they also helped us in our last cause). They arranged to speak to Teresa to learn more about Louie and to suggest equipment they believed would really help.

The cost of the equipment came out at £750 and it began to arrive just over near the end of September.cost

Teresa has started sending through photos of Louie using his equipment and it’s been great seeing how much of an impact it has had. Teresa said to me on the phone today that since the equipment arrived 10 days ago, Louie has been a different person. He is a lot more calm and even people visiting have noticed a difference!


Over the next few weeks we’ll be visiting Teresa and Louie and we will provide more detail in how the equipment has had an impact.

Helping Teresa and Louie is the reason, Theo, Lizzie and I started WeTogethr. We want to show the world how much of an impact even the smallest of contributions can have.

Stay tuned for more updates over the coming week and, if you fancy chipping in, you can sign up by clicking the link below.

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Zac, Lizzie and Theo


Reggie’s Sensory Equipment

Back in April we travelled down to Essex to meet Reggie and his parents, Becca and Mark. We ordered some much needed sensory equipment on the day for Reggie which was funded by the WeTogethr Members. Two weeks ago, we went to catch up with Becca and we made a short 4 minute video to show the impact we were able to make;

The total equipment cost was £594.45 and it’s amazing to see what impact we can have for a relatively small amount of money.

Our mission at WeTogethr is to make donating money, clear, simple and effective.

We use our members’ money on those whose lives can be transformed by even the smallest of contributions at just the right time.

Sign up to be a WeTogethr member for as little as £4.99 per month and we’ll show you how much of a meaningful difference you can have to someone’s life.